About Elmech Ltd

Mechanical & Electrical services

We take pride in what we do!

We find individual solutions for every site and situation

We strive to achieve excellence trough attention to detail. We place great emphasis on build quality and highly skilled work force.

What we do

Elmech Ltd provides customers with innovative solutions covering all aspects of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services from design, construction and coordination, to installation and full commissioning.

Our biggest strength lies in our approach and dedication to deliver the highest quality service.

Safety is our highest priority and we are committed to the constant improvement of our safety standards.

Elmech Ltd delivers projects that meet the highest standards for public and private clients in the residential and commercial sectors. We believe a good reputation is fundamental to repeat business and mutual growth / success.


The thing we value above everything else is the relationship with our clients and customers.
Ensuring your satisfaction is the most important thing to us. We make sure every step of every project is completed with the utmost care so you can get the kind of service you deserve..